About Us

We are a family of five who enjoy traveling.  Our desires are bigger than our budget, so we had to figured frugal ways to visit as many places as possible, which usually involves camping!  Sometimes we go on other types of trips, but we’ll be writing about camping and other outdoors activities because it’s our favorite way to see the world.

We have also enjoyed getting to know our relatively new hometown of Indy by bike, as there are tons of great trails around here.

Kristin is the main contributor to this blog and a master trip planner.  She’s a former French teacher, and spent a few years traveling Europe on a shoestring.  Andy is our family’s coach, sportsman and handyman.  Our children are Noah (13), Joshua (7) and Selah (5).

The picture above was taken about a year ago and is one of our favorites, but if only you knew how dirty and sweaty we were!  We had just done climbed Mt. Adams, near one of our favorite camping spots in the Adirondack Mountains.  It’s our toughest hike to date!